February 15th, 2018 Newsletter


Ideal Temperature for Your Home This Winter

The average home temperature in the winter in the United States is 70° Fahrenheit, but customers often ask what temperature they should set their thermostat at in the winter time to balance a comfortable home with the cost of heating. In most cases this is a matter of personal preference combined with financial choices however, there are some situations that have scientific evidence to support a specific temperature range.

Sleeping – Doctors agree that the temperature in your room when you sl0eep can affect both how well and how long you sleep, so getting it right can have a real impact on your quality of life during the day. Generally the recommendation is between 60-67° Fahrenheit. Research finds that sleeping in a cooler room increases the amount of time spent in REM (rapid eye movement), which is an important, deep state of sleep.

Baby – Most parents want to be sure their baby isn’t too cold at night. The current recommendations for baby safety are that the baby be put down without a blanket, this often results in parents turning up the heat in the room to compensate. This is generally not necessary though. Babies have been shown to sleep best in a single layer of pajamas, in a room between 60-65° Fahrenheit. Just like adults, a baby’s brain target temperature goes down at night. Core temperature has to drop slightly in order to fall asleep so no need to bump the heat up.

Cost – By reducing the temperature in your home by 7-10° F for just 8 hours a day the energy bill can be reduced by up to 10%. Of course the savings would be even higher if the thermostat was set lower around the clock, but many people just aren’t comfortable at that cool of a setting. However, if no one is home during the majority of the day it might be worth throwing on a sweatshirt for a few hours in the evening and leaving the thermostat alone.

While it seems that most people are generally comfortable during the day with their house set around 70 degrees it might be worth the effort to turn the temperature down at night. The benefits of a better night’s sleep combined with the cost savings, make this a no brainer. Many people have a hard time getting in the habit of checking the thermostat twice a day so consider adding a programmable thermostat to handle it automatically. Diamond Heating and Cooling would be happy to make recommendations, just give us a call.



Advantages to a Smart Home

Smart home automation was a $60 billion global industry last year, but what makes it so appealing to consumers? While there are a wide range of reasons people decide to automate their home, they primarily boil down to a few main goals. In order to understand the why first let’s look at the what. What is smart home automation? Generally this refers to any set of appliances, devices or systems that all connect into a common network which can be remotely controlled. This could include controlling anything from your lights and TV to your thermostat and refrigerator with new items being added to the list almost daily.

4 Main Reasons for a Smart Home

Energy Efficiency – most people set their thermostat at a certain temperature for the winter and another one for the summer months but don’t change it much in between however, there are far more efficient ways to utilize these systems. A smart thermostat allows customers to set preferences such as, cooling the house an hour prior to the homeowner’s return from work each day in the summer while allowing the temperature to increase when no one is home. It could also be used to lower the blinds in certain areas during the heat of the day to keep the temperature down. Finally, many smart home systems will make recommendations based on temperature preferences to keep the home running at maximum energy efficiency. Diamond Heating and Cooling can install a smart thermostat on nearly any HVAC system and has the knowledge to take care of any changes in wiring that may be required.

Time Efficiency – controlling every system in the home through just one app on the phone or tablet is certainly the most time efficient way to operate, but there are practical uses for simpler smart home set-ups as well. If dinner needs to be ready at a certain time and no one can get home to turn the oven on, simply start it preheating remotely. Or if someone comes to let the dog out but all of the doors are locked, no need to drive home simply unlock one remotely or open the garage door.

Security – there are many home security features currently being employed in the smart technology arena. This includes using motion activated cameras to get a real time image of who is at the front door, checking to make sure doors and windows are locked, and turning lights on and off at various times while a homeowner is away.

Comfort – while not necessary, there are many smart home features that improve the comfort of home. If the baby wakes up earlier than expected a smart device can start the coffee maker from bed. Let’s say the animals need to eat on a consistent schedule, a smart pet feeder can provide a preset amount of food at the same time every day. What about that middle of the night trip to the restroom? A smart home can light a path.

The potential uses for a smart home are nearly endless and with such a rapidly growing industry it’s likely that many of these will go from idea to reality in the very near future. Maybe next time the TV will handle telling the kids TV time is over and it’s time to start homework!



Keep the Romance Going All Month – Boise Style

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but are you and your sweetie still looking for romantic date ideas? There are a host of uniquely Boise ways to celebrate the month of love. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The Egyptian Theater – take your loved one to fantastic show at the historical theater located in the heart of downtown Boise. Throughout the month of February they will be featuring musical movies, silent films with orchestra and organist Ben Model, Jim Brickman, Chasing Coral nature film, and many more. This is both an intimate and unique way to spend the evening.

Sweethearts Sleigh Ride – think sleigh rides are just for Christmas? Think again there’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up under a blanket while enjoying a horse drawn sleigh ride. End the ride with a delicious dinner & dessert. Linn Canyon Ranch in Victor and Western Pleasure Guest Ranch in Sandpoint are just two places that offer this service.

Wine Tasting – with over a dozen wineries to choose from on the Sunnyslope Wine Trail couples could spend an evening or a whole weekend touring these beautiful and romantic settings. While it may be considered the off-season all of these locations have weekend hours and fewer guests just makes for a more romantic setting. Several of these wineries offer special pricing on wine tastings as well as various food paring options throughout the winter months. With so many great wineries in the Sunnyslope area, plan on spending the day with your sweetheart and visit several spots.