September 12, 2013

My Name is Laura Samuelson. Our family of seven has lived the adventure of having six asthmatics in the home. Our five children and I have all experienced many years of inhalers, nebulizer treatments, steroids and hospital stays due to asthma attacks. The high cost of medication, doc-tor visits, E.R. trips and “Camp-outs” at St. Lukes and St. Al’s took quite a toll on us. Financially it was a strain, and emotionally it was difficult to watch each other struggle for air, sometimes to the point of turning blue.

In 2011, we skeptically allowed Diamond Heating and Cooling to install a Micro Power Guard into our air system. I expected nothing to come of it. In fact, I wasn’t thrilled about a ninety-nine dollar charge per year for filters since we were already stretched for groceries and prescriptions. I am thrilled to report that the change has been amazing! There is much less dust in the house when we run our system. Our air circulation creates a marked difference in our quality of life. There are less asthma triggers floating about our home causing a huge decrease in asthma attacks. I am so very pleased to say, that for the first time ever, most of our inhalers and nebulizer medications have actually expired! We have not had a single E.R. visit, or hospital stay due to asthma since the installation of our Micro Power Guard system.

We began noticing that on days when we didn’t run our air conditioning or heater, the family started to cough again and have trouble breathing. About the time the inhalers start to come out of hiding, one of us will get a clue and the system is turned back on. Within hours, the coughing stops.

This has made such a difference in our lives that I wanted to share the in-formation with anyone else who struggles with illness due to air quality. The Micro Power Guard filters have been for us, a powerful tool in saving thousands on medical expenses, creating cleaner air in our home and keeping us noticeably healthier.

A very grateful customer,
Laura Samuelson