Diamond Warranties & Guarantees


1 Year Warranty on all Service Repairs:  At Diamond Heating and Cooling, we offer a full one year warranty on any part that we provide and that we install on your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. If for any reason a part that we installed fails within that one year, we will return and replace it at no charge to you. We stand behind our service and the parts that we carry.

AMANA LIFETIME UNIT REPLACEMENT WARRANTY:  This is by far our most exciting warranty!! Amana is an incredible, American based manufacturer who has put this amazing warranty in place. When you purchase an Amana furnace, they put the warranty behind it that if the heat exchanger EVER gets a crack in it, they will provide you with a brand new furnace at *no charge!  In the same way, if you install an Amana air conditioner, they put the warranty behind it that if the compressor ever fails while you have that Air Conditioner, they will provide you with a brand new Air Conditioner at *no charge! They are the ONLY MANUFACTURER with these type of warranties and we are proud to carry this product for our clients.  *the equipment is provided at no charge, the only expense to you would be for the installation.






2 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee:  When you have Diamond Heating and Cooling install a furnace, air conditioner, heatpump, water heater or minisplit system into your home, we give you a 2 Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee that you will be happy and satisfied with your new piece of equipment.

No Lemon Guarantee:  We have taken a lot of time to research the equipment that we carry and recommend to have put into your home. Because we are so confident in those products as well as in the team that we have installing them for you, we give you a No Lemon Guarantee. This guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if for some reason the equipment we put into your home turns out to be a “lemon” we will come and replace that equipment at no additional charge to you.

Property Protection Guarantee:  Any time we are in your home, we provide the guarantee that we will respect your home and not cause any damage to it. We wear shoe covers as well as use drop cloths to protect your floors. Our entire team is devoted to caring for your home the way we care for our own.

Utility Savings Guarantee:  When you install a new system through Diamond Heating and Cooling, we guarantee that by upgrading to a more efficient Furnace and Air Conditioner or Heat Pump there will be a utility savings to you. We stand behind this guarantee.

Comfort Guarantee:  We guarantee that the systems we install in your home will heat or cool your home as we have stated. If the temperature range that we have promised is not achieved we will replace the system at no charge.